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We offer a range of services to suit your available time and budget, from full garden design packages and installation with project management to small front garden flower bed planting design.  You're welcome to choose as much or as little of the design process as you'd like.

All projects start with an initial visit where we can meet and we can work out how you want to use the garden, what feel you'd like it to have and how much effort you want to put into the finished garden.  

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Concept design

The initial and very practical first stage of a design which looks at how you will use your garden, where the sun hits, where you'll want to sit and practical things like where you'll hang your washing and put the bins!  We'll also start to develop the feel of the garden, whether you want clean lines or twisty, cottagey paths.

Final design

This stage adds details to the concept stage, making it truly personal to reflect your taste and style and links the feel of the house and the garden.  Hard landscaping materials are detailed and this stage also includes technical plans for landscapers and can also include lighting design.

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Planting design

Once we have a firm idea of where all the hard landscaping will be we can put together the planting design, which can really reflect your personalities, whether you want a restful palate of blues and white or big bold peonies and delphiniums, you might want a garden full of flowers for pollinators or a mostly evergreen palate with some nods of colour.  We'll take into account how much work you want to put into the garden and which plants will thrive in your soil.


We work with a carefully handpicked selection of landscapers and specialists who can translate the plans into a beautiful, functioning garden.  We source plants from local specialist nurseries who we trust with the quality of the plants they supply. We have a friendly and trusted planting team to help lay out and plant up the design.

Follow up

A garden care guide can be created specifically for each garden with information on all the plants used and their maintenance needs on a month by month basis.

For those who want a bit more of a hand we offer garden coaching, working with the garden owner to show them how best to care for the plants.

We also return to some our gardens on a seasonal basis to look after the pruning of the shrubs and climbers, espceailly while they are establishing, requests for help with wisteria and roses being the most popular!

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